Live Christmas Tree

Live Christmas Tree



Norfolk island pine

They are approximately 40cm high , 50cm high including the pot.

A beautiful  upright conifer with even tiers of branches around the central trunk.  Quick growing and tolerant of coastal conditions where it will happily withstand salt laden winds.  Not tolerant of harsh frost or wet feet.  Will grow in a container. 


Perfect for a live christmas tree inside or out

These Norfolk island pines are 3 yrs old. 

 Note they do not come with decorations.


Prefers a spot with bright direct or indirect sunlight. 
Allow to slightly dry out between watering. be careful not to over water and dont let it sit in water. 
Fertilizer lightly in growth season spring/summer.
Repot when needed in a well draining soil. 
Recommended to put outside after Christmas then bring back inside the next christmas season.